Monday, April 22, 2019


It was a good, clear weekend.  I didn't have to mow, which was a nice break (weekly mowing will be here soon enough).  I stopped at the store and got my trimmer string so I could edge around the raised beds and house and outbuildings.  I love when it's done because it's always so clean and neat.  

I also picked up three bags of hardwood mulch for the three citrus tree beds.  I topped them off with mulch and... 

,,,they look much nicer and more "finished" now.  Hopefully it will keep the weeds at bay.

Speaking of the fruit trees, we have fruiting.  These are fruits on what is supposed to be a peach tree, but we're not so sure they look like peaches.  I hope they make it to maturity this year so we can figure out what they are.

These are plums, both plum trees have them.

With several trees starting to fruit, it's time this coming weekend to get them surrounded by netting to keep the fruits out of the mouths of hungry deer.   It's not URGENT because someday when we are out there full time, we'll be able to more easily manage keeping the deer away, but we'd at least like to get some to eat ourselves for the next few years.  Would be nice to enjoy the fruits of our labor.

Speaking of, to give you an example of how far we've come, when I planted this pear tree, it was about as tall as me.  This is the top now, it's higher than I can reach with my hand all the way up in the air.  I supposed I need to trim those tall ones just a bit.  The growth by starting them in the raised beds has been amazing. 

Stop by tomorrow for part two of the fruit tree adventure, there is another part that I need to take care of this coming weekend and it's odd.  


  1. Fruit trees are doing Great.
    When and how to prune fruit trees.

  2. that's exciting! i hope you manage to get some of the fruit for yourself!

  3. Your fruit trees look so healthy and are growing so well. You'll be enjoying some great fruit in a few months!


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