Saturday, April 13, 2019


The skies have been dark and foreboding and sadly, there has been at least one tornado to the North in a small town that has caused very significant damage.  As I type this, a severe thunderstorm warning alert just popped up on our phones and TV.  

For some reason though, it has avoided the farm.  Most of the heavy stuff has moved around it.  We'd have been better off out there instead of in town where it's been hail, wind, lightning, but no heavy rains so far.

The good news though is that once this next line of storms moves through, we're in the clear.  And that's good because...'s rugby game day!  Our local professional rugby team, the Houston Sabercats, has their first game in the BRAND NEW STADIUM!  The city in conjunction with private investors, built a new stadium for rugby use only.  It is called AVEVA Stadium and so we bought season tickets again this year.  They have already had a few games (won a couple lost a couple) but were playing either on the road or at a minor league baseball stadium here in town.  

Looking forward to seeing the stadium in person.

The weather looks to be clear by game time today.  Then tomorrow is supposed to be clear and beautiful and cool.  I'm hoping it's dry enough at the farm to mow and edge and then I need to plant the last citrus tree (orange) in the raised bed.  



  1. No severe storms here just a little lightening and thunder but has been raining all day since 4:15AM so we do have standing water throughout our yard.
    I did manage to plant some Mexican Sunflower seeds yesterday which is favorite of the butterflies. I gotta see if I can find me some milkweed plants as well to plant near by the sunflowers as milkweed is the only plant that the butterflies lays their eggs on.
    Enjoy the game.

  2. A few years back we had a tornado here, it came close but luckily missed the buildings. I will never forget the sound it made.

  3. I’m glad I didn’t get the bad storms but I was hoping to get some rain for all my baby plants. I got only about a tenth of an inch.
    Hope you had a good time at the game!

  4. the average wind speed inside a tornado?
    The Fujita-Pearson scale ranks tornadoes by wind speed. The rankings range from F0 (very weak) to F6 (inconceivable).
    F0 denotes wind speeds of 40 to 72 mph
    F1, 73 to 112 mph
    F2, 113 to 157 mph
    F3, 158 to 206 mph
    F4, 207 to 260 mph
    F5, 261 to 318 mph
    F6, 319 to 379 mph.


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