Saturday, April 6, 2019


Well today is was a beat the clock day for sure!

This is the headline on our local weather site:

So the plan today is was:

Stop and get soil to top off the new raised beds.  

Get trimmer line for the weedeater.



Plant the third tree.

And that was going to be it for today...

But that weather headline of today being muggy and mild was wrong.  I created this post to pop up this morning after I left for the farm.  But instead, we were awakened to thunder, I checked the radar and the storms were already here.  The farm is the red dot and this was just another band of rain/storms coming through. 

Tomorrow has the potential to be even crazier with the weather.  I guess it's a good weekend to stay in and read.  And nap.  And relax.  And eat.  

Not necessarily in that order...

Hope you have a better start to your weekend!


  1. Not a bad day but did have a very nice shower of rain earlier and now the sun seems to be coming out.
    We got right around 1 1/2 inches of rain fall within a couple of hours.
    Same rain conditions for tomorrow as well.

  2. Enjoy your weekend. And feel free to direct that rain this way.

  3. It’s not stormy here yet but looks like tonight will be. Sorry that your Farm plans got rained out - but just kicking back and enjoying a leisurely weekend sounds great also.

  4. i hope that rain finds it's way up here. we are drier than i can ever remember in spring!

  5. Saturday was a beautiful day, it was calling for showers but it was sunny all day and 12° Celsius, good day to get some fire wood in.


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