Saturday, April 27, 2019


It's a beautiful, clear and dry.  



More edging

"Harvest the wheat" (ha, see post earlier this week)

Clean out the raised garden beds

That's not too bad.  Should be able to knock out that list fairly easily.  Of course, we always get out there and then you never know what happened during the week that will alter those plans, that's the way it goes.  Stay tuned for updates.

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Mowing here as well along with other outdoor chores that needed to be done.
    Have an enjoyable day and great evening.
    (I bet 2nd man is busy preparing a delicious meal for you and will be already once you get back into town)
    More showers in the forecast here for Tuesday & Wed. so we need to get done what we can before the rain moves in.

  2. It's perfect weather to be outdoors! Hope you have a great day at the Farm!

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  4. No, I am not there! I am at


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