Wednesday, July 21, 2021


Well even after the downbeat post the other day there was some good to come out of that weed infested garden and it's still producing!  Apparently veggies don't care what it looks like, ha.

Here is the small harvest.  Hiding back behind the tomatoes and cucumbers is a jalapeño that fell off while I had my back turned and I missed it in the picture.

But I had an idea for this harvest...

2nd Man had baked some bread Sunday morning because, well, baking is fun and, so he says, relaxing!  It was also a good way to end the weekend.

TexMex crostini

We toasted some slices, spread some avocado on them and then I made a pico de gallo with some diced up tomatoes and jalapeños from our garden!  All I had to add was some chopped onion and cilantro and sprinkled it all with cotija cheese. 

Sort of a TexMex farmhouse crostini, ha!


  1. Mmm, 2nd Man’s wonderful homemade bread! Made even better with produce from your garden. Delish!

  2. Looks very good. Not sure I could take too many jalapeños but love all the rest.

  3. Everything but the jalapenos, please!

  4. TexMex fan here. That looks really good!

  5. All good except for the cilantro!

  6. That homemade bread looks delightful. Looks like it just came from a bakery; picture perfect; browned evenly all the way around. Give me a couple toasted slices along with some homemade jam or jelly and I'm set to go.
    Enjoy your day and have a wonderful weekend.


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