Monday, July 12, 2021


Last week, we posted HERE about a leaning apple tree.  We teased that we'd have something else to show and here it is...look what we had!

One.  Beautiful.  Apple.

From our own tree!

There were several apples on there even after we had that severe pruning not too long ago.  A couple of them fell off in a storm and then there were three left.  One got pecked on by birds and the other split open (uneven watering with our monsoon rains) and ants got into it.

But hidden in the tree, behind some leaves and branches was this apple.  It was picture perfect.

We let it chill in the fridge (we love a cold apple) and then sliced it up.  Wonderful flavor.  It is the Anna apple and was sweet with a bit of tartness.  2nd Man said they will make great pies.  Someday.

Yeah, we know, it was just one apple.  But that one perfect apple has proven that it is working and we know that we WILL have apples in our future.  Plus this is just one of the two apple trees we have.

Speaking of that other tree... is blooming now!  Not sure if the crazy Winter freeze stopped its normal blooming and now it thinks it's time.  Not even sure if we'll get an apple this year but it's fun to see.  This one is a "Dorsett Golden" apple variety, one of the other ones best suited to our region.

We'll take what we can get.  Baby steps!

In honor of "Shark Week" on Discovery Channel...

We think we know what happened to some of our apples!  FARMSHARK!!


  1. That sure is a beautiful apple! It’s great to know that you are successful with these varieties.
    You gotta watch out for those Farm Sharks! They are sneaky and ferocious apple-eaters!

  2. Congratulations ... the baby has such beautiful apple cheeks! LOL
    I hope something develops from those pretty blossoms!!

  3. One apple is better than no apple at all.
    It sure does look tasty. Now, dip them slices in some peanut butter or melted chocolate. Yummy!

  4. I know the thrill of the first of anything, even if it is one lonely apple, so brilliant and worth its weight in gold for the soul.

  5. it's a tease but a good one! i love the farmshark!

  6. Nice apple! Remember - bagging them with sandwich bags will stop the bird pecking

  7. It doesn't matter that it's just one apple. It's the harbinger of more and more beautiful apples that will make delicious pies.


  8. Next year I hope you have to put a prop under the leaning sde of the tree because it has so many apples on it that it needs a little help.


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