Friday, July 23, 2021


Not sure if we've ever shown this.  This is one of my favorite things at the farm.  It's not a valuable painting or something by a famous artist...

Neal Butcher Mum's Painting

...this was on the wall at my grandparents house for all the years I can remember.  It hung in my grandmother's bedroom.  After her death and then my grandfather's passing the following year, as I was helping my Mom clear out stuff I asked if I could have this.  It now hangs in the foyer of the farmhouse.  Whatever we do with the house, be it new or remodeled, this will always be hanging somewhere in the house.  It's by Neal Butcher and it a print (sort of) not an original work of art.  It's printed on a type of cardboard canvas and probably dates from the 50's or 60's.  I remember it being in their house as far back as the early 70's when I was very little.

What we'd like to ultimately do is find a spot where we can hang this picture on the wall and then have all the white milk glass (original post about that HERE) in a cabinet underneath it.  It would look nice.

Friday is here finally, it's been a long week.


  1. What a lovely painting. Hang it where it doesn't get direct sun light on it otherwise the light will fade the colors.

    For storing your milk glass; go to thrift, Goodwill stores, estate sales, garage sales, etc.(even Craigs list) and you just might be able to find a nice display hutch cabinet( with glass doors) for your beautiful collection.
    Even if you find one that is marked up; scratched it can always be repainted.
    I think having a nice black hutch with gold knobs or handles will really show off your milk glass.

  2. I agree totally with what Colleen wrote above!

    1. Also ... thought perhaps your "Mum" had painted that picture! Picture of Mums is more accurate!

  3. i love that painting too and it is perfect at the farm. i bet your grandparents would love that you have it is such a special place.

  4. What beautiful memories you have with your grandparents’ picture. It’s very pretty.
    You have a wonderful collection of milk glass. Combining it with the lovely mums painting would make a great focal point.

  5. It's lovely to have something that brings happy thoughts. I have ordered my vanilla beans.


  6. My Granny came from Norway and in her living room was a small painting. As a young child we visited her apartment in Brooklyn and there wasn't much for me to do but I remember how I used to stare at this painting all the time. It was a stone arch leading to a colorful garden full of beautiful flowers just through an old wooden door. It's funny, after all these years, I still remember that picture. I lost her when I was very young and have no idea what happened to that painting but wish with all my heart I could have kept it. So many memories....


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