Tuesday, July 6, 2021


 Here is the latest harvest.  We're getting into the dog days of Summer but we're still getting a bit each week.  There should be some eggplants ready this coming weekend and some more tomatoes.

As for mowing this weekend, look at this...

...yep, six minutes.  I tried a few suggestions you all mentioned but could not get the Zen Machine back to a state of Zen.

I mowed from the shed to the driveway (after trying out some different methods to get it running) and that was about as far as I made it.  Sigh.  We're seriously considering buying something new but we'd like to wait until next year if we can just get it through the rest of this season.  If we have to pay a couple hundred more dollars to keep it running until then, that's better than a few thousand right now that we don't need to spend.

The downside is that I couldn't leave the mower out to be picked up this weekend because of this.  I twas about to pour rain.  Notice the downed tree limbs on the right?  Yep, that mesquite tree collapsed in some high winds.  It will have to be cut down completely.

Later, when it's cooler, ha.

So I hope to have the mower picked up this coming weekend.  As for the mowing, we're going to reach out to 2nd Family to ask if we can either a) borrow their riding mower or b) we're willing to pay "R" to mow our yard and driveway just so it's not so crazy after all this rain.  I fear for how out of control it's going to get.

And yes, it POURED rain on my way back into town.  That should add about 3 more inches to the grass, sigh.


  1. We received a nice shower late yesterday afternoon / early evening.
    Hopefully they will be able to find out what the problem is with your mower then you, as the 'Lawn Ranger' can ride again. :}
    Maybe your tree just need some trimming up and just maybe all you will have to do is just cut the fallen branches down.
    Enjoy your day & have a wonderful evening.

  2. How many times have you had to have the mower worked on just this year? Seems like it has been 2 or 3 ... or maybe this time in the Shop will be #3. Yup ... when they start costing too much to keep them operating, then it's time to go shopping!!! Good Luck with that!

  3. bummer about the zen! i hope some of that rain comes this way!

  4. I’m glad you’re still getting some produce from your garden. Looks like you have the makings of a good salad. My garden is still producing also. I’m having to pick the cucumbers every day or else they get huge. I found two the other day that had been hiding and they looked like that big one in your basket – so they are the ones that get made into Bread & Butter pickles.
    So sad about the mesquite tree blowing over. You’ll get plenty of good BBQ wood from it.
    Too bad about your lawn mower. Hopefully the repair shop can figure out what the problem is and get it fixed.

  5. Have you had fresh gasoline this spring from the time you started mowing until now? Old gas can give you problems... I can't think of anything else ... but you might ask when they pick it up, if they have a maintenance program you could subscribe to for now ... might be worth checking out... Good lulck...

  6. I hope you can keep the Zen Machine running or make a mowing arrangement. That must have been a bad storm. We await the arrival of Tropical Storm Elsa.


  7. I think I would point out to them that people on your blog read this all over the world and this is not a good recommendation for their product. Find out when the mower you want is on sale and purchase it then.

  8. I would suggest that with all the property that you mow; You might consider on getting more of a heavier duty mower. Using a small yard mower is a lot of wear and tear for what you have.
    A small mower is ok to use if you only had an acre of land.

    Best time of year to buy a new riding lawn mower: Is in the early spring; late February and early March. This is when the stores offer discounted prices on the latest models to kick-start the year and attract new customers.


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