Friday, July 30, 2021


When I was mowing the other day, I realized I came across the spot where I got the mower stuck in the mud a few months ago:

This is what it looked like back then.  I was trying to clear some new areas because it's much easier to do in the Winter.  It's how I have been able to clear so much of the property and make trails and cleared areas.  On this day however, it was too muddy in this spot and I pushed my luck.  My fault.  This shows what would have been cleared if I had been able to finish.

Since I didn't get to clear it then and I stopped mowing in that spot for fear of getting stuck again... is what it looks like now.  The "X" is where I was stuck in the first photo.  Amazing how quickly it all comes back.  I just stopped here on the trail, took a photo, turned around and went back in the safety of the OTHER direction, ha.

This weekend I plan to mow again over the same areas where I mowed the other day.  Or not.  If it looks good, it's so hot I may just focus on the garden cleanup.

Nature finds a way!


  1. You know what they say about nature abhorring a vacuum! An empty spot is only empty until it is filled!

  2. The mud in my backyard makes it almost impossible for me to mow. I'm using a weed whipper a bit at a time. It's a small yard, though--nothing compared to what you have to mow.


  3. It’s amazing how quickly Nature can take over an area. Would investing in a brush cutter help with these overgrown areas?
    Hoping you have good mowing weather this weekend.

  4. Have you asked any of the country folk there how to keep all this brush down without mowing every week. I still say mow and immediately spray with brush killer. I am glad you were prudent and stopped mowing in that direction.

  5. Looks like you will need a very sharp Brush Clearing Sickle or a good Machete to cut through some of that taller stuff.
    Enjoy your weekend.
    Stay safe & keep cool.

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