Wednesday, July 14, 2021


Forgot to give a weekend update.  It was a mess.  How's that for an update, ha!  SO much rain, so much mud and things are just, well, ugly.  

I drove the mower (see the muddy tracks?) as it sputtered and tried to die over to the "pick up" spot.  They came Monday and picked it up to take it to the shop.  We hope we get it back Friday because if we don't and we have another week of not mowing, I shudder to think of the mess I'll have on my hands.

Oh and I had to park the Jeep on the high spot in the yard and facing out so I didn't back into a low muddy spot if it started raining.  My car is 4WD but I don't really want to go "mudding" in our yard, ha.

The garden is still producing (the veggies are loving the rains).  Here is the haul this weekend.  A few tomatoes and some more cucumbers.  It's kind of nice having these small harvests, it's like going to the store and picking up a few things for the upcoming week, ha.

We used a few of them for a wonderful salad.  There is literally just NO COMPARISON when it comes to home grown tomatoes vs store bought.  It might just be nature's most perfect thing to grow.

Once again, in honor of "Shark Week" on Discovery...

It's SO wet at the farm, you never know when FARMSHARK will breach the surface!


  1. They should have brought you a loaner to mow! Maybe landshark will go mudding.

  2. Better the rain than wildfire and dense smoke. Count your blessings.

  3. More bounty from your garden. That salad looks beautiful!
    Hoping your mower is fixed soon. With all this rain, the grass is really growing. You can’t give those Farm Sharks any tall grass to hide in!

  4. Sharks are everywhere! The salad looks so good.



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