Monday, May 24, 2021


Even though it was a washed out weekend (see yesterday's post), I was able to get out there.


Our first harvest from the garden...

Pickling cucumber and tomato

...OK, don't laugh, ha!

One pickling cucumber and one early girl tomato. We are guessing the rain put things into overdrive and a couple of them were ready.

Now what to do with them?

We could make the worlds saddest little salad, but instead we opted for using them to sample the first garden flavors of the season.

Cucumber spears

We sliced the cucumber up and then...

Cucumbers in pickle brine

...added it to the brine of some pickles we already had the refrigerator.  The brine can naturally do its thing to the freshly added cucumber.

As for the tomato...

Early Girl tomato sliced up

We sliced it up and then...

Tomato and egg toast

...put the slices on top of some homemade bread with some fresh farm eggs from 2nd Family and a sprinkling of finishing salt.  AMAZING flavor in one tomato.

It's always fun to enjoy the rewards of your efforts.

Now here's hoping for more veggies to enjoy later on throughout the season!


  1. Awesome! Nothing better than the test of home grown veggies.
    Them tomatoes would be good as BLT with a little Mayo on Texas toast

    1. We thought about a BLT but were out of bacon and couldn't wait, ha.

  2. Replies
    1. Dear, sweet, Anne Marie...this was your last comment on our blog. If we had only known, we could have told you how much you are loved by so many. But then again, I think you knew that. Your sudden death has saddened so many, and your presence will be noticeably missed.

  3. Congratulations on your first harvest of the season! They look beautiful! And I’m sure they tasted even better.

    1. thank you they were so good. We will hopefully be enjoying many more soon.

  4. MMMmmm... My cucumber plants just broke thru the soil and my tomato plants were just transplanted, but I can practically taste yours!

    1. Enjoy yours, I bet you'll have a feast in a few months. Enjoy!!! Thansnk!


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