Thursday, May 27, 2021


Was in Kroger grocery store the other day on the way back from the farm and saw this...

...a huge display of Ball Mason canning jars.  I don't think I've ever seen quite so many in one place ever (short of some place dedicated to canning supplies).

I had to take two pictures to get it all in.  Normally, a Kroger grocery store has one small section, in the baking aisle, of canning supplies.  Sometimes there are a few varieties of jars but I've never seen this many all at once.  We were wondering if the pandemic sales were so high over the last year that stores are stocking up?

I think we have enough jars right now, but we'll keep our eyes out.  Once I can go back to thrift store shopping I will see if a lot of jars "appear" as people change their minds from quarantine canning, ha. 

Canning definitely gained in popularity during quarantine.  Regular readers know I've dabbled in it (and enjoyed it).  I keep all of our supplies in a canning jar cabinet at the farm and some things in the apartment.  When we get something done with the house, I have been saving ideas for not only storage of canned goods but places to keep all the supplies including empty jars.


  1. WOW! That is quite the stack of jars.
    Stores know to that more & more people have been planting gardens and will do more canning so they wanted to make sure that they have a good supply on hand.
    With weddings, many people use the jars as table decorations and once the wedding is over you will notice many jars donated to thrift stores.
    Plus jars are great for storing dry items in and I use them when making freezer jam, homemade sauces, sloppy joe mix, etc.

  2. Yowza! I need to check locally, but my cans are ok, I mostly need lids, just ordered some from Amazon. Good that production is up!

  3. That is an impressive display! This reminds me that I need to buy some canning lids and rings. I also need some pint and quart jars because I use them for other things besides canning, like storing grains, cereals, etc.

  4. That's good news! I'll have to take a tour down the canning aisle next time I'm out shopping.

  5. Looks like somebody got a good deal on a bulk buy of jars. Somebody smart, too. We sold a lot of jars last year at my little small town grocery store, but all they ever send us is quarts.

  6. That is quite a display of jars. I hope this is not all they receive. I have plenty of jars here and at my storage unit.

  7. We've never had a shortage of the jars. The stacks did get a bit low late last summer/fall but I think that's because people had to buy jars just to get lids :-< I guess it's good that our garden got leveled in the derecho last August, so I had nothing to can. I still haven't seen just lids since last spring, other than 2 boxes of regular size off-brand a couple of months ago. I should have snagged them even to use for non-canning use.

    I don't know what it will take for me to believe canning jar companies are not in cahoots withholding lids and forcing people to buy jars. They've got enough lids for the thousands of boxes of jars, why nothing for just lids? Harumph and Grrrr. Is this where I add "get off my lawn!" ?


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