Tuesday, May 25, 2021


Yesterday was the garden update, POST HERE, and today is the update for the fruit trees.

After the week long storms with high winds and some hail, we had to check the farm.  The house was fine, a couple of shingles lifted, but we've lost a few in the past nothing major and it's all going to be redone in some form later on.  The fruit trees survived the wind but...

...some of the apples did not.  Found about four scattered around.  Here are a couple in the grass.

Anna apples

Fortunately we still have some in the tree.  Here are two of them, hanging tight and still growing.  Fingers crossed they make it to harvest.


And look!  The "mystery fruit" has survived and is getting huge.  There are a couple more on on the tree so we're still leaving them all on to fully develop.  There is no fuzz on this so we're pretty sure it's not a peach.  This is the one we're eyeballing to be the first one ready as the others are a bit further behind.  The more and more they grow, the more it looks like this is actually a nectarine tree (related to peaches).

The true test will come when we cut it open and check out the pit and of course the taste.  Peak season for nectarine harvest is traditionally July/August.  At the rate this is growing, we can't imagine this making it to August seems more like a July ripening.

The blueberries and newly planted cherry bushes survived as well.  The blueberries are starting to plump up, we think they have truly loved all this rain.

Us, not so much...

"More flooding could be on the way to Houston; Flash Flood Watch in effect until Tuesday evening"

Above is one of the blaring headlines on local news sources.  Rain is good but we're ready for it to stop.  It has rained 18 of the last 24 days.  Yesterday was some flooding around town with more rain coming today.

Not sure if I'll be able to mow this weekend either...


  1. Not bad if all you lost was a few apples. Sounds like everything faired pretty well with the storms you had. Count your blessings as it could had been much worse.

    Sunday we received an inch of rain and yesterday around 4pm we had a down pour and ended up with 2 1/2 more inches of rain and it's clouding up so will be raining here soon and more in the forecast for the rest of the week.
    Yard needs mowing but it's just too wet. Have standing water everywhere. The yard is beginning to look like a jungle.

  2. Too bad that some apples got blown out of the tree but glad that the others made it. It’s wonderful that your fruit trees and fruit bushes have survived this wild weather. Sounds like you’re going to get a nice crop of blueberries. And the mystery fruit is still growing! It sure looks like it’s a nectarine.
    I love rain but too much of a good thing is still too much. But this will probably be our last rain until Fall, unless we get a tropical storm. We used to get “heat showers” in summer afternoons that gave us some rain but lately it seems like summer is just 3 long, hot months of dry.
    Hoping it dries out enough so that you can mow this weekend.

  3. yeah...i think that is a nectarine!

  4. It rained quite a few days here, but now it is nice and hot and dry--in 90s. I suspect it is an apricot.

  5. Here in Ruskin, F. (south of Tampa) we have not had rain in over three weeks. with the heat near 90 it is very dry. A number of fires burning hunderds of acres of land. Farmers need rain so badly, lawns are brown and ponds are drying up. Promice of some rain this next week. Pray that we get a few inches.


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