Sunday, May 30, 2021


 Regular blog readers know that we are fans of car racing.  NASCAR is what we most often watch but of course the INDY 500 is fun too and so today are TWO!

The Indianapolis 500 is on first (as this posts), followed this afternoon/evening by...

...the NASCAR Coca Cola 600 race.

We'll be "raced out" by the end of the evening, ha.  There are baby back ribs in the oven right now, I made some coleslaw and 2nd man is going to make mac and cheese.  We might be raced out but we'll be well fed.

We're off tomorrow and since we had a monsoon rain at the farm Friday night, tomorrow will be farm day to check things out and, hopefully, be able to mow.

Hope you are having a good weekend. 


  1. Have fun! And enjoy all those good eats!

  2. Enjoy them races and all that wonderful food.

    Yard here is still wet in spots but needed to mow anyways. No more it looking like a jungle. Had to get it mowed as we have more rain in the forecast for every day this upcoming week. Flower beds are still too wet to get in there and pull them weeds out.

    I'm heading out to the kitchen to make some baked strawberry donuts.
    Watched the neighborhood fireworks last night.

    you both Enjoy your day and have a fantastic evening as well as your day off tomorrow

  3. I could not locate the ribs in the freezer, so I don't know right now what we will have for meat. So far, we are having cole slaw and corn on the cob. I will make deviled eggs for me and baked beans for Tommy. We started on the Strawberry Poke Cake tonight.

  4. I watched the Indy 500 - previously my "petrol head" moments were the Australian SuperCars, but now our SuperCar champ (Scott McLaughlin - a NZer) is a rookie this year in IndyCars ..... and of course there is Scott Dixon .....Confess I prefer the Aussie SuperCars as the race tracks are more interesting. Well done Hélio Castroneves!

    The joke in all this is that I choose to Not drive .....
    Michelle in Wellington, New Zealand


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