Friday, May 21, 2021


Here's another still life moment from the desk at the farm.  A few weeks back we posted HERE about items we have on the desk and shelves at the farm.  It's a scattering of things connected to our lives in some way and we know you all enjoyed it the last time.

Here are some more:

The brass cowbell - We're not 100% sure if it was used by my Grandparents but they had a farm cow at one point and it's possible this was on the cow...or they could have just acquired it along the way somewhere. HERE is the link to the original post about it.  All we know for sure is it's old and handmade.  It also has the best sound when you wave it back and forth.
"More cowbell", right?  LOL! 

The amethyst - one of my childhood things.  I collected rocks and minerals and gemstones like this for ages when I was little.  Not even sure where I got this originally but I've had it for most of my life.

The tin metal rocket - that's a purchase.  2nd Man got it for me years ago as a surprise gift.  It's a vintage tin lithographed friction toy.

More bits and pieces of lives lived...


  1. I have a couple of them old (not actually homemade)cowbells in my bell collection and you are so right; they have a very nice sound to them

    Love the amethyst. I think I remember seeing that when you had it displayed on your coffee table.

    That rocket toy; simply adorable

    Clouding up here and looks like we're in for some more rain any minute now.
    Take care. Have a great day and enjoy your weekend.

  2. my sister has an amethyst geode like yours.
    YEAH for more cowbell!
    spouse has a metal trailways bus model from the late 60s.

  3. I love the cowbell. I had a collection of all sorts of petrified things in rock. But, they were gone with the house. Most of my old things were destroyed, taken to dump.

  4. The stories behind each object are fascinating. It’s wonderful how each one can instantly bring back the beautiful and warm feelings associated with them.


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