Wednesday, April 27, 2022


It's that time of year again.  Or maybe we should say, it's that time of once every few years again, ha.

Time to clean off the porch.  Plants, plastic pots, some empty boxes from purchases, dead vines, empty clay pots, etc.  It's time to get rid of it or take it and put it wherever it belongs.

Didn't get before pictures but here's the after.  Back to neat and, relatively, tidy.  For those new to the blog, that door in this picture goes into the foyer.

And turning around back the other direction...'s the other end.  Again, neat and mostly tidy.  The plants on the side are the muscadine grapevines.  We'll need to figure out where to plant those.  This door goes into the mudroom/utility room.

It's more relaxing when things are where they belong and you don't have to look at clutter.  Plus it gives a much better first impression.  There is another reason we cleaned this off to make it look nicer but more on that in an upcoming post...


  1. A good job Well done. It really looks nice.
    I might suggest that you put a good sealer / stain on your porch to protect it more in the future.
    Just don't use paint on your porch or steps as the paint chips off and then is tracked in the house;Not A good thing. I have learned that years ago. Using stain is better option.

  2. It is always nice to have the fall/winter detritus cleaned off the porch. If you want to plant grapes, a nice fence-like structure is best. It can be draped with bird-deer netting. Make it about five-feet high. That way, you can see the grapes but don't have to stretch up so far to pick grapes or cover them. A low fence means bending too much. When I say "fence," I don't mean it has to keep anything out, just 10' long or however long you wish it to be.

    I lived with a painted porch for over forty years and it never chipped or was tracked into the house. That porch looks weathered. Is it very dry under the porch so the porch won't rot? Consult a paint store for the correct paint and prep for the wood and conditions. Make sure it is Use haint blue on the ceiling.

  3. Plant the muscadines where they have a lot of room to sprawl and your fruit reward will be tremendous!

  4. Very inviting! I imagine the summers are quite hot and humid in that area. Do you have air-conditioning (window)? Can you show interior shots, too? Do you take
    your kitty with you when you stay for an extended period of time there? A really neat 'gentlemen's farm'. Will this eventually be your permanent home? Really enjoy your blog. Living vicariously these days. LOL! Sorry for all the quesitons.

  5. I love when you spend time on the little farm. It's becoming more and more like home for you and 2nd man. I'm so happy of the fact that y'all are making this little place your second home away from home. May the Goddess shine on your lives and keep you happy and healthy.

  6. You have such an inviting porch. Good job on the Spring Clean-up! Now it’s all ready for a tall glass of iced tea!

  7. Well, not having seen the before shots I'd just say you did a stellar job cleaning the porch up. My wife taught me many moons ago to relieve myself of "clutter" and I've learned to be much happier with clean, sparse and minimal in surroundings, mind and life. Love that farmhouse, too. Be well.


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