Friday, April 29, 2022


Thought this was a fun picture.

Hmm, which one to drive.  One?  Two?  Three?  Well, turns out I ended up  driving all three last weekend!

Drove the Jeep,
out to the farm.

Drove the farm truck,
to the hardware store for supplies and the gas station for mower gasoline.

Drove the Zen Machine,
to get the yard cleaned up.

With 2nd Man's car added to this mix, we're gonna need a big garage at some point, ha!

My three favorite vehicles, ha!


  1. Nice variety of horse power you have to choose from.
    Well, you normally keep the Zen machine in the shed so all you would need is a nice 3 & 1/2 vehicle heated garage. The 1/2 come in for adding shelf unit for that little bit of extra storage that you my need for household items.

  2. Lots of people in the country around here build what looks like a pole barn, low to store cars and tractors. They build them to orient solar panels to the sun. You may not want just a shed, but it if you ever plan to think about solar, orienting a new structure to the sun. Of course, I know you want the zen machine inside.

  3. Lol….when you’re a full-timer don’t forget the “ driving down the long driveway to pickup the mail” Mule or Gator!

  4. You have a vehicle for nearly everything. Better save some room in your future garage for an ATV/quad vehicle!

  5. I agree you might want to add a mule to the collection!


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