Sunday, May 1, 2022


Great weekend and some great food.  While I was gone yesterday, 2nd Man roasted chickens, plural because you know if we heat the oven for one, why not heat it for two?  We took the meat off one and vacuum sealed and froze it for future use...

Winner winner chicken dinner

 ...and the other we split (half each) and then he made honey glazed carrots and pan roasted green beans.

It was all so good.

Hobart living life on the edge

Here is Hobart, sleeping precariously on the edge of the chair he likes to spend time on.  Cats get themselves into the most awkward positions.  I went over and scooted him back toward the center.  Because...



  1. Your meal looks delicious! Cats do get themselves in odd positions. I used to look at my cat sleeping and think that cannot be comfortable but to them it is. Have a great Sunday!

  2. Yummy meal. Franklin and Penelope cannot fathom the strange ways that cats sleep.


  3. Cats and babies are flexible, but I wonder how they sleep in strange positions. And, cats do just fall off things. Hobart is too old to be falling. The meal looks delicious!

  4. Delicious-looking meal! And it’s so smart to have that second roasted chicken in the freezer for a head-start on another meal.
    Cats can sleep in the weirdest positions!

  5. What a great looking meal and looks delicious as well.
    Love honey glazed carrots. It's about the only way I will eat carrots.
    Hobart; you sweet thing you.


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