Tuesday, May 3, 2022


 In yesterday's post, I mentioned that I also got the fruit trees planted.

Well, two of the three anyway.

This is what the empty beds looked like before.  I had to clear out the cardboard and rocks holding it down and then clean out the grass that snuck in. 

I planted the pomegranate first.  The leaves look a bit sad but I hadn't watered it before I planted it because I wanted to be able to easily pull it out of the container and get it into the hole.  I filled in the hole and topped it with mulch.

The last one I planted for the day was the fig tree.  It looks very happy and went in well.  Used a couple bags of soil again and another bag of mulch and it was done. 

I didn't get the peach in its bed yet as I was running out of time (and energy, ha).  The old peach that the new one is replacing needs to be removed and I'll work on that this coming weekend.

I watered them well (the pomegranate perked right up) and 2nd Family will check midweek to see if they need any water but they should be fine.

Then this coming weekend will be the peach tree and then "fence" it all off with the fishing line.


  1. I thought you were getting a goat! (typo) The pomegranate looks sad. I am glad it perked up.

    1. Thank you for catching that, I'm not sure what I typed that auto correct changed it to goat, ha. No goats. Yep it perked up well. We had a nice rain tonight so it should be really happy. We'll check it out this weekend.

  2. Oh, my, that poor looking pomegranate. Sure glad it perked back up again.
    Nice looking Fig tree.
    One thing that I do when I bring home new plants and just before I plant them in the ground or in larger container, I will pull that plant out of the pot it was in and place the plant it a bucket of water while I dig my hole and prep before planting. If the roots are root bound you want to unwind the roots and spread them out in your new hole that you just dug , making the hole big enough for the roots to spread out and not continue to grow in a circle like they where doing in the store bought container.
    Always best to water your plant/ trees before planting. Planting a dry plant does not normally do so well.
    Once all your fruit trees really take off, you will have a very nice fruit orchard.

    1. Ha, it was a bit parched. I should have let it sit in some water, I'll have to remember that next time. I did unwind the roots as I always do and the hole was definitely much larger so it should be ok. Hoping our nice rains we've had will keep it happy. I'll update after we check it out this weekend.

  3. You have a very good assortment in your orchard. It’s going to be wonderful in a few years.

    1. Hoping we'll have some early fruit from the ones that have been established. It should all be nice as it comes to bear fruit. We can't wait!


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