Friday, May 20, 2022


 OK…after the blog post about these jars Wednesday, you all gave some great suggestions.  That night, I Googled them and I found these pictures online for different ideas for uses...

Special editions of jams or salsa...

After dinner dessert or early morning breakfast…

Drinks with a farmhouse flair...

Or even gathering wildflowers and having a fun vase.
Needless to say, I couldn't get to the store fast enough.

I bought two boxes!

Well, that’s all they had left, ha.  I might buy one more set if I run across them so we'll have a dozen but at least eight gives us a good number for desserts or drinking glasses if we wanted to use them for that.

They DO sell them on Amazon HERE 

We decided we never know when we might be doing something and think back to these different jars.  I guess the rule should be, “get whatever they come out with so no regrets in the future”, LOL.


  1. Another idea to use a jar and put in a gift basket; Snowman Soup.

    You just may have to get you a couple more boxes of them jars.
    By the way; did you happen to see these jars at HEB or Kroger's or else where?

    1. Cool idea, they would make really unique jars for gift projects. These were at Kroger. I've looked at HEB but no luck.

  2. I stopped at the Ball display and bought the only package they had left on the shelf. They are pretty in person and empty. I like the idea for a flower vase. I would not want to have to eat out of these with the smaller mouth. But, it depends on what was in I paid almost $12 for four. One of these is a gift in itself! I love them.

    1. They are pricier than four regular pint jars for sure so I think serving for dinner to be fancy (dessert or something with a long spoon, ha) and/or gift giving is the best use. Glad you found some!

  3. I'm glad you listened and went back to get the 2 boxes! You are clever, so we know you will put them to good use!!!


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