Monday, May 9, 2022


Well, almost.  Because of our historic freeze last year we didn't have many dewberries last year.  One thing we could always count on were the dewberries (which grow wild all over our property) coming in late April/early May.

This year we hadn't seen anything yet...

Dewberry patch
...until a couple weekends when when we noticed that this has happened!  We had red (unripe) dewberries on all the vines.  They are a bit smaller than usual but with the rains last week we hoped they would plump up.

Dewberries ripening on the vine
Sure enough, when I was on the mower this weekend, I saw ripe ones finally coming in.

Fresh ripe dewberries
Nothing like a little snack while on the mower!  Pretty good sizes too.  This weekend we hope to gather some more fresh ones to use.  We still have some vacuum sealed in the freezer but some fresh ones would be nice, maybe enough for one cobbler or some compote over vanilla ice cream would be delicious.

Speaking of delicious, I had some cheddar cheese and crackers at the farm to have a post mowing snack...

Cheese, crackers and dewberries
...and when life gives you cheese and crackers and your yard has wild dewberries growing all around it, well it's time to make a real snack!

The combination of salty crackers and the great flavor of cheddar worked nicely with the sweet tartness of the berries.  The berries were even still warm from the sun when I put them on and it was delicious!

I sat on the porch after mowing and ate berries until my fingers were purple.

It was a good day  :-)


  1. looks like good pick'n; not only for you but for the birds as well.

    1. Oh yes, the wildlife on the farm (birds, rabbits, deer whatever else) really like the berries and we have so many of them everywhere it's ok we can share, ha.

  2. I love your description of eating dewberries until your fingers were purple - perfect!

    1. You are someone who has done some dewberry picking and eating in their life and understand completely, ha.

  3. Sitting on the porch and eating sounds like a idyllic life.


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