Saturday, July 30, 2022


Off to the farm today (after dropping off my Jeep at the shop).   It's hot again.  Farmshark at the end of post.

We need more rain
This was last Saturday at the Farm.  Now we have had some scattered showers a couple of days but from what 2nd Family has said, not much fell at the farm.  We'll see if what did fall greened things up some.  I might have to mow, might not.  We'll see.

Last Saturday at 3:46pm:

103 temp
104 official high
Felt like 115.

Wasp nest
We were out of wasp spray last weekend so the plan this weekend other than watering, is to take care of this nest built INSIDE the porch fan.  I'll walk around and look for others too.

Every year during Shark Week on Discovery Channel, we find some photos of the elusive farm shark that appears from time to time at the farm...

Farmshark in the yard
Um, yeah, I'm good...I can go the shed/barn later.



  1. I would wait until dawn or dusk to tackle any wasp nest! Maybe a shark will take care of it.

    1. We didn't get out there early enough for dawn and left before dusk...I used the spray with the 12 foot spray stream. It worked. They are dead, ha.

  2. Stay cool! I hope you get more rain soon.

  3. Looks like another HOT day at the Farm. Be careful around those yellow jackets – they are very short-tempered and their stings are so painful.
    I was cruelly teased by Mother Nature this afternoon – it thundered all around me, it clouded up, and the wind picked up, but sadly no rain. I hope you had better luck.
    Farm Shark may be on snack-patrol for those coyotes. Does 2nd Family have any trouble with coyotes attacking their chickens or dogs?

    1. Oh my gosh it did the same thing out there the other day. Thunder and storms all AROUND the farm and never rained a drop. No coyote problems so far, their biggest issue with their chickens are the hawks. Their hens free range most of the time (day) and it happens on occasion. So far though, no coyote issues. They have a couple of big loud dogs so that might keep them away.

  4. Put on an armor suit, turn the fan on high and run like heck.

    1. We thought about turning the fan on and seeing what would happen. A quick spray worked and kept us from having them flying toward us with extra speed of the fan ha.


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