Saturday, July 2, 2022


 As weather often does, the rain didn't come.  Parts of the Houston area to South and East got some nice rain but it never rained a drop at the farm...'s the forecast from yesterday through next weekend.  No rain and the "cactus is back" in the weather icons, ha.  That means we're back to 100+ degree temps with no chances of rain.

I went to the farm today, watered, did a few small projects and came back.  It's a feels like today of 106.

The rest of this long weekend will be inside and relaxing.  Tomorrow I'm making two racks of BBQ ribs and coleslaw so 2nd Man doesn't have to cook.

More in upcoming posts!


  1. My friend would stand in his yard near his huge tomato patch and watch it rain across the road. Or, he would go a quarter of a mile to the store where it was raining and return home to a dry yard. He had a few choice words when this seemed to happen day after day.

  2. I was really, really hoping for some good rain from the tropical disturbance but it didn’t rain a drop here. That was so disappointing. So it’s back to dragging the water hoses and sprinkler around.
    Your BBQ ribs and coleslaw sound delicious!


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