Wednesday, June 7, 2023


In the jungle, the mighty jungle...

Well, the grass was indeed much like the mighty jungle at the farm, ha.  This was after rains and the grass needed mowing.  When we pulled up, we saw something moving so I jumped out with my phone to take a picture...

...turns out it was a cat!

I had to be quick, took a few pictures but this was the only one that came out decently enough to post.

It was a black and white cat and in all the years back and forth out there, only the second cat we've ever seen (not counting 2nd Family's cats that appeared on occasion).  It ran off into the brush and I haven't seen it since.  If we were out there regularly, I'd be putting out food and trying to tame it.  Wouldn't hurt to have a mouser hanging around the house.

2nd Family doesn't have a cat like this and they said they hadn't seen it either.  Probably feral and just passing through.

By the way, this is that same area after mowing.  Still need to clear around those trees, ran out of energy that day but it definitely looks back to normal.

No sign of the cat, probably feral and was just passing through the property.  Of course with 11 acres, it could be living anywhere.


  1. Possibly a cat that once had a happy home but was dumped out in the area of your farm. Poor thing, feral now or dumped recently, should not have to survive and hope that one day its dreams of the past would return.

  2. Maybe if you left food on the porch, it would hang around, hoping for more. You know how cats will hang around for food. Of course, you could attract mice or worse.

  3. What a difference a mowing makes! From jungle to parkland!

    Poor kitty. It was probably dumped by some terrible person. I lived in the country for over 20 years and dumped animals were always showing up at my house. Which I took in and made them part of my family. I have not chosen a pet for decades – they have all been poor abandoned dogs and cats who chose me.
    When I moved to town, I thought surely there would be no more dumped animals. I live at nearly the edge of town. No dogs, but some cats have shown up in my yard, skinny and forlorn. I have found homes for some but not all. So, I have taken them in, fed them, got them neutered, and love them.

  4. cats will rome so who knows where it might had come from or if it was dumped off.
    Don't leave cat food out. Birds and or mice will come around. Cat food is not good for birds ax they have a different digestive system than cats and can make the birds sick and die. Could always leave a pan of water sitting out and put in a shady area.
    It is a pretty cat. It needs to be caught and taken to a shelter but then you don't know for what it may have babies somewhere in the area.

  5. i'm not sure if you ever mentioned this before but has hobart ever gone to the farm?

  6. I wonder how those cats got here from Rome?
    No, cat food will not harm birds at all! There would be a hullabaloo if people found birds dead from eating cat food!

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