Monday, June 5, 2023


Well so this has happened:

How it started...

How it's going!

The fig tree that had died (read about it HERE) and was dead all the way to the ground, has come back.  After I accidentally broke off the trunk when I was checking it out, we just ignored that raised bed while we looked for a new tree.  Haven't found one yet, haven't really looked much, but now, it is starting to come back and looks pretty good!

Image courtesy Aggie Horticulture

There are apparently two ways to prune a fig tree.  One way is to make it into a tree form and another way is to train it into a bush form.  

Here it was after we planted it, we were letting it become more bush like before.  Since it's coming back in "bush form" again, we'll just let it grow as it wants.

Not sure if this means it is going to come back and produce fruit but at this point, we

As long as we get a lot of figs, we'll be happy.


  1. A person just never knows how a planted item will turn out.
    I had a rather large rose that wasn't doing much of anything so I decided enough was enough and took the mower and mowed it right down to the ground and the following year it came back bigger and prettier than year before.
    I person just never knows.
    Enjoy your week.
    We had a very nice shower of rain early this morning and more in forecast for later.

  2. Perhaps what you have is a Resurrection Fig ... LOL 😆

  3. Wow, that's amazing! Indeed, “Life finds a way.” It looks like it came back from the roots.
    I think you’re wise to just let your fig tree keep chugging along without pruning it now. It’s been through a lot and needs to be stress-free for a while.

  4. It's difficult to kill a Fig --- think of where they originally came from

  5. I found mature figs on our place when we first moved in. They were covered with brush, but I was thrilled to find them. For the past couple of years, we've had a couple of them die. I have no idea why, but your post is hopeful. I'd hate to lose all our figs.

  6. We had a nice lemon tree when canker hit here. The state cut it to the ground. It came back the next year and bares better now than when it was an old tree.


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