Sunday, June 11, 2023


Another week has come and (almost) gone.  Yesterday was good at the farm, but hot.  Very hot.

 Came home and 2nd Man made a creamy chicken Alfredo type dish using what we have on hand.  For this one, we had some chicken breasts and thighs cut into cubes in the freezer and he thawed that out and cooked them, made a quick Alfredo with cheese, milk, a few mushrooms and then added pasta (for this we used rigatoni) and let it cook until the pasta was done.  Top with some fresh grated cheese and parsley.

With a salad on the side, it was yummy!

Hobart decided to lay around in the sunshine as it moved around the apartment, recharging his batteries or making his old bones feel good.  Either way, we just walk around him so we don't disturb him.  Because...



  1. 2nd Man's Chicken Alfredo looks sooo delicious! Yum! He is very skilled at putting together wonderful meals with just things on hand.
    Hobart sure knows how to enjoy his puddles of sunshine.

  2. I love Chicken Alfredo! It looks delicious. I showed Tommy your solar-powered cat.


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