Friday, June 2, 2023


Y'all may remember when I posted this last year.  I pruned the Vitex on each side of the porch, well, by prune I mean CUT ALMOST TO THE GROUND.

When we get the house redone, they will have to go since the new footprint will be bigger, so we weren't worried about them looking nice.  We just needed to cut them short so they were out of the way.  You can see above what they looked like when I cut them down to about 3 feet tall, a little over a year ago.

This past weekend, they looked like this!!

They are beautiful for sure but wow, they are certainly indestructible.  We have them along the driveway now and they are just as big.  After these were planted, they were watered for the first year and then never watered again.  They have been through two rare, REALLY hard freezes (almost single digits)...they survived 50+ inches of rain with Harvey...and they went through a drought when there was no rain for almost a year...

If you live in Texas and want a great flowering bush that is pretty much hands off, Vitex, also known as Texas Lilac (because of it's somewhat similar purple flower resemblance to lilac) is the one to buy!  The bees love them and so do hummingbirds.

We'll plant more of these for the right spot so it doesn't block our front door, ha. 


  1. Beautiful.
    You know; I never even thought about cutting them down. By doing so; looks like they come back bigger than ever and even more beautiful. :} Something I will have to remember.
    Enjoy the weekend.
    We have a very good chance of rain tomorrow and Sunday and most of next week. Of course it would rain with hubby on vacation all next week. Never fails; vacation and then comes the rain.

  2. Those are some magnificent Texas lilac bushes! Growing back better then ever after a severe pruning is usually what happens! Beautiful!!


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