Monday, June 19, 2023


Friday, we posted about our peaches.
Today we'd share that our blueberries were still doing their thing as well...

These are so pretty. This batch had LOTS of plump and "blue" berries...we always say that when they are wet with dew, they look like sapphires on a bush!

At $5.42 for a package, we are happy to have four bushes producing for us, ha.

We got a nice jar full again this time...

Just like the picture of the peaches last week, I had to take an "artsy"photo of the blueberries.  I pulled out a white dish towel and scattered them around.  Another picture ready for the kitchen?  Ha!

We πŸ’– blueberries!

(post later this week showing how we used our limited fruit bounty)


  1. Lovely photo. I like the berries with the white backing.
    Blueberry muffins sounds good right about now.
    Enjoy your day. Stay safe and stay cool.

  2. Gorgeous blueberries! I love the artsy picture of them. I also love the picture of the blueberry bush. Both need to be framed.

  3. The blueberries for sale are cheaper than they are here! I would frame the blueberry bush picture before the artsy picture.

  4. Well done ! Loving Blueberries πŸŒΏπŸ’™

  5. I love the blueberries! Three years ago I planted three bushes. This year I have harvested four cups so far with more to come. I didn’t bother netting the bushes this year. The birds can have some too πŸ‘

    -Katie C.


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