Sunday, June 4, 2023


 Well...this weekend has not worked out like I had hoped.  Well, we had a lot of fun yesterday.  2nd Man's brother got married a couple of months ago and yesterday was their reception/party.  More on that in an upcoming post.  But anyway, we had to drive out of town a couple of hours away and so I put off the farm for today...and then it stormed and poured rain all night and has been sprinkling today.  Sigh.

So on with some good food and Hobart!

The other night, we had pork chops, peas and mashed potatoes.  Always simple but always good.

Laundry day means work to do but it also means a comfy spot for Hobart to sleep.  Because...



  1. Glad to see Hobart's ears are back to normal! LOL
    That pork chop looks luscious! Mashed potatoes need a melty pat of butter 🧈 sitting on top! Peas ... kind of a meh 😕 moment!
    The other day I made mushroom stroganoff with curly egg noodles ... absolutely delicious!!

  2. Your meal looks delicious. My cat does the same thing. He even likes getting carried in the basket from bedroom to laundry room and back. I am all too familiar with living with a spoiled black cat. Today is our Binx 1 year gotcha day and he is already spoiled and running the house.

  3. your dinners always look so good! and hobart is 'not spoiled' the same as the w's!

  4. A beautiful plate of simple but good food – I’ll take that any day! Yum!

    Hobart always knows the most comfy places. Smart – and cute – kitty!

  5. Hobart show up well on white! What kind of potatoes do you use for mashed potatoes.


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