Wednesday, June 14, 2023


This past weekend was mowing weekend.  It's been a couple of weeks.

My favorite place to be, even in the heat.  Well, maybe not THIS heat, ha.

It was overcast and there was a warm breeze.

About normal time and distance.

When we finally left at 4pm, the 'feels like' temperature was 105 degrees.

Here are the forecast highs for this week.  These are actual temps but our 'feels like' temps will be dangerously close to 105 or more. They are putting us under a heat advisory and opening cooling centers for those that need a place with a/c.  

No rain in the forecast either, at least this week and all of next.  While we certainly don't want a drought, I'd be ok if I didn't have to mow for a couple of weeks and lack of rain slows the growth for sure.  Will just go out and water the fruit trees and other plants.

We have a feeling that this year we are in for a 


  1. Hot, Hot, and Hotter! It seems like the extreme heat is starting earlier this year. Hoping our electrical grid can keep up with it.

    1. Just saw an article that said the Texas grid was near collapse this week. Sigh. Hang in there!! Stay safe and cool.


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