Monday, February 19, 2024


It was COLD Saturday.  And wet.  Ugh. 

When I got out there, it was 46 and felt like 39.  Actually felt like 29, but that could be the blood thinners  talking, LOL!

Can a picture convey cold?  This one should.  That sky.  It just looks cold.  Anyway, the property is greening up and it will soon be mowing season.

Speaking of...

Zen Machine 2 is sitting outside, waiting to be picked up this week by the dealer to have its first annual maintenance.  It's included for the first two years, they pay the service, I pay for any parts needed.  They will change the oil, filters, check the belts, sharpen the blades and make whatever other adjustments are needed.  I covered it with a freeze cloth we had, just to keep the seat and dashboard from bird poop (ask me how I know about this potential, LOL!).  The rain was gone and Sunday was gorgoeous and this week is clear too.  They are supposed to come Tuesday.

As soon as it comes back, it will be time for mowing!  I checked with the doctors office and they said I was clear to do that as long as it was a riding mower and not me pushing one.  At least until my checkup in April where they will do ultrasound and blood panel.


  1. i can't believe it's almost spring when we have had so little winter. joyce

  2. Getting close to mowing time gain. Our yard needs mowing now but just in certain areas where the grass is getting to be a bit higher than other areas.
    Our mower blades have been sharpened. Ace Hardware sharpens them for us for a small fee.
    Have an enjoyable day and hope you at least get to see the finish of the race later on this afternoon.

    1. What a race.
      Turned out to be a Daytona junk yard race with 18 cars involved. Running 3 wide, I knew something was about to happen. Was just a matter of when.
      Have a great day.

  3. That yard has greened up beautifully! The rains have done their job ... it would be great if the grass could just stay like that for a long time!

  4. It sure was Cold this weekend. I had a fire in the fireplace both days and made a big pot of Taco Soup to warm up. I’m so glad it’s warming up this week.
    The grass has greened up really well. It’s wonderful that you got the doctor’s ok to mow on your Zen Machine.


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