Wednesday, February 14, 2024


Found this last year, after Valentines Day sale, and picked it up.  It sort of matches the one 2nd Man found for Easter a couple of years ago (that one had a vintage pale blue truck filled with Easter eggs).

Made up some bags of Lindt truffles for my coworkers.  We are trying to stay away from chocolate (except for a small piece of antioxidant rich dark chocolate) but I can live vicariously through others, ha.

Saw these below in the grocery store the other day and thought it was a pretty brilliant marketing idea.  They used heart-shaped foil pans to create meals to go for Valentines Day.

These were boneless ribeye sweetheart cuts with garlic the way they even sliced them and placed them opposite each other.  Pretty cool.

Then there were the New York Strip Steaks with garlic butter but they put them in a ready to go meal combo; one with crab cakes and asparagus, and the other with loaded potato and bacon wrapped asparagus.

Since red meat is no longer on our list of things to eat (none since 12/8), we won't be buying this of course, but we'll give props to whoever came up with the idea.


  1. Those meat packages are so cool and so wonderfully packages for this special Valentine's Day. Such a great idea for that extra special person.

    As long as I have family and friends, my heart will always be full.
    Happy Valentine's Day Everyone!

  2. Happy Valentine's Day to the two of you gentlemen! 💝

  3. Publix had heart shaped boxes of strawberries and about three times the price of a quart of strawberries. Cute.

  4. Happy Valentine's Day. The sign is cute. So nice you are showing some love to your co-workers. Nice idea with the meals and while I would also forgo the meat I could make quick work of the crab cake.

  5. The heart-filled farm truck is so perfect for your house. With the Easter egg truck, you’ve got a great theme going.
    So thoughtful of you to make those Valentine chocolate bags for your co-workers. Sounds like a nice office, with your co-workers sometimes bringing fruits, banana plants, and other things to share.
    What a great idea those heart shaped meals are. They should make them with chicken and salmon also.
    Hope y’all had a Very Happy Valentine’s Day! ❤️


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