Sunday, February 18, 2024


It's been an odd weekend of weather.  Rain on and off all day Friday (ugh).  Saturday was COLD (brrr).  Today is nice and getting warmer (phew).

The other night, we had pork chops, sautéed squash and applesauce on the side.  I have always loved "pork chops and apple sauce" said in my best Brady Bunch impression, ha.  If you know, you know!

Of course, as part of our new healthy eating post heart attack, this is a very lean cut of pork, pan seared using olive oil spray with only some pepper and other seasonings.  The squash was cooked in the same pan as the pork chops and 2nd Man added fresh herbs.  Then, of course, apple sauce on the side.  Apple and pork really IS a great combo.

Hobart, as usual, is unimpressed by anything we do.  Just give him a nice place to spread out and sleep. In this case, the couch with back cushion moved so he has plenty of room.  We do it.  Because...


Regular readers know that we are NASCAR fans.  It's been off for a few months now and this is the big weekend of the first races of the season:  Daytona weekend.  The truck race was run Friday night and yesterday was supposed to the be the Xfinity series but it was postponed due to rain.  Welp, as this posts, no one is sure if the actual Daytona 500 will even happen today.  It may be postponed to Monday.  While we're at work.  Of course.

We'll still do our annual tradition, ribs and coleslaw.  But, I'm tweaking my recipe and there will be minimal salt in anything and we're using a different cut of pork chops that are a little leaner.  Will have details on how it came out soon.  It's doing it's thing in the oven now and the apartment smells HEAVENLY.


  1. I am sure your slightly altered traditional meal will be delicious. Have a great 500!

    1. It's officially a keeper, ha. Was very good. The Daytona was indeed rained out and will play tomorrow, while we're at work. But hey at least we should be home to catch the last part of it.

  2. Ribs, coleslaw, baked beans ... are the beans a no-no for you now? There must be a heart healthy version online!
    Hobart ... he knows how to relax!

    1. Beans are actually super healthy, I just have to watch saturated fats and high sodium. Beans are good sources of protein. Just have to watch how they are prepared. These ribs are a lean cut to reduce that fat, I cooked them up on a rack in the pan so they didn't sit in the fat, and I made a homemade rub and bbq sauce with zero salt. The coleslaw recipe normally has mayo and cream in it so I replaced that with non fat greekyogurt and keffir it was so good.

  3. Both meals sound wonderful. So glad that they can be adjusted to be more heart healthy.
    Hobart knows exactly how to get perfectly comfy for his nap.

  4. Nice healthy meal. Love pork chops but don't buy them often.( pork chops makes for a special treat for us). To put over our chops, I make a 4 ingredient garlic - honey sauce to spoon over the browned chops; which makes for a nice sauce to spoon over the chops.
    I just bought a pkg. of ribs yesterday but won't have them till later in the week.(have to kinda cook around hubby's work schedule).
    Many years ago, I used to use my Aunt's coleslaw recipe using mayo but just a couple of years ago I switched to making a vinegar dressing which uses No mayo. Hubby likes it best using vinegar dressing instead of my mayo dressing. (if he's happy, then I'm happy). Vinegar dressing makes enough for 8 cups of cabbage with shredded carrot; ( same as a14 oz. packaged of slaw mix that you would buy at the store.)
    Have a wonderful day and enjoy your evening.
    Oh, it's 36 Deg. here at the moment; 4:10 AM


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