Monday, February 12, 2024


We thought the rain was gone and so off to the farm we ventured...

It was overcast and getting darker and gloomy.  We had to bring some things out there to put up plus I needed to drive the truck since I didn't get to do that last weekend because it was so wet.  Also watered the porch plants but that was about it because... started raining.
We headed back into town.

Then yesterday, a very strong line of storms came through, hail, strong winds, heavy rain and of course...

...a tornado in the area!  It was far enough away from the farm and from Houston, but the same line of storms that produced the tornado moved over the farm and parts of Houston earlier in the morning.

This picture is from a few weekends ago.  Several of you have asked how the wild pear tree is doing, the one we had to butcher prune at the request of the power company last Summer.  Here it is.  It's doing great and this is even after the hard freeze.  Now whether it produces fruit this season, we have no idea, but at least it's still doing well.

So ready for Spring...


  1. Wow, you got some Bad Weather at the Farm! I’m glad y’all left before it got severe. I’m only an hour SW and we fortunately did not get it. We barely got any rain.
    Your wild pear tree looks like it recovered from its unscheduled pruning. Fingers crossed for it producing this year.
    A light freeze is forecast for this weekend. Thankfully the much colder weather that was a possibility is not coming.
    I am ready for Spring also!

  2. we had light showers but seen on the news that the worse storms where moving down your way. One place you don't want to be is on the road if tornado is in surrounding area, but thankfully you didn't have that problem.
    Your volunteer pear tree is looking Great and I bet ( fingers crossed) that you will get a few pears from it.
    Enjoy the day and have a wonderful evening.
    Stay safe.


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