Wednesday, June 12, 2024


We have always enjoyed a good crawfish boil.  I'm not sure if it's the crawfish (which are wonderful) though, we kind of feel it's more the fellowship and camaraderie of a gathering of friends and family...

Once we have the farm set up for family and friend gatherings, one thing we'd like to do is host a wonderful crawfish boil like above.

Unfortunately, not sure how many of you have followed it, but there is a huge shortage this year.  The sustained drought and warmer temperatures are affecting the production of crawfish.  In fact, here in Houston, there are several 'crawfish centric' restaurants that have now gone out of business.  We're hopeful it will bounce back with a Summer of good rain.

The stores that have stocked up on crawfish boil merchandise are starting to mark them down since no one is buying. We figured we'd pick up a few things? 

So, for future Seda Bolsa Farm Crawfish Boils, here are some items I picked up on steep clearance.  Two packages of plastic bibs (a dozen in each), some sturdy plastic plates (12 total) and three sets of seafood tools.  They are usually scattered around the table so people can use them as needed.

Also found these two tablecloths that are vinyl so they are washable.  It might be a fun gathering of friends and family, but it can be messy, ha!

Remember the wine crates that I've found?  I save them because I know there will be a good use for them.  So I was thinking, how about holiday hosting boxes?  We figured they would be cool stored on a shelf and each one could contain items for hosting different gatherings.  All the stuff for a crawfish/crab boil in one.  All the stuff for a something else in another.

Working on that next!


  1. A crawdad boil ... definitely something to look forward to!

  2. I think using the crates to store items for different occasions is a great idea---'occasional crates.' You would soon fill an occasional closet.
    crawdad boil would be a great idea.

  3. Not to this Aussies liking, just saying

    1. Jo-anne,
      Many of us Americans will not eat them, either.

  4. A Crawfish Boil - oh, yum! And so much fun!
    Great idea to get those crawfish items on sale. The wine boxes will be an attractive way to store them.

  5. crawfish boil: Nope, not for me. Nice finds tho on all them crawfish picnic items.
    Good idea tho on use of the crates.
    OH, HEB that was built right here in Mansfield will open up the 26th of this month. :-} Can't wait, but man oh man there will be lots of traffic in all directions.
    So many have been waiting a long time for it to open.
    Enjoy you day.


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