Sunday, June 16, 2024


 Sunday is here and it is hot.  HOT.  Ugh.  But we're expecting heavy rains all weeks so we better enjoy the sunshine while we can.  Time for some good food and of course, some Hobart!

Here is a wonderful breakfast...oven roasted potatoes and onions (just a spray of olive oil) and then mixed in with 2 whole eggs and a small carton of egg whites.  Sprinkled with some fresh green onions, it was so good and filling.  And heart healthy as potatoes, when not deep fried, are full of potassium and rich in fiber.  Also, only two eggs total so we had one each and the rest were egg whites.  Delicious!

Hobart was sleeping on his quilt on the table behind the couch and the sun was shining on him.  I tried to get a quick picture and as I did, he decided to get up (hence not looking at the camera).  I left him alone since he was apparently not wanting to be photographed that day.  Because...



  1. Hobart doesn't look happy in that shot, he looks like what the hell get that camera out of my face

  2. A 3/4 shot is always good. But, he looks mid-sleep and not smiling.

    1. He does have a portfolio, right?
      Practical Parsimony

  3. Hobart looks as though you disturbed his book reading! Does he ever look happy? Probably when you aren't looking! LOL

  4. Delicious looking breakfast!
    Hobart, His Royal Highness, upon being disturbed in his nap: “We are not amused.”

  5. OMG, Hobart looks exactly like my first kitty Pepper. He lived to be 16 years old and was the sweetest cat. He's been gone for 38 years but I still remember him like it was yesterday. Your cat is beautiful.


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