Saturday, June 22, 2024


It's another hot day but we're off to the farm to get some stuff done.  I hope to finish around the orchard area (it's out of control but I got about 75% of it done last weekend).  Fingers crossed that I don't need to mow everything else, but we shall see.

More of an update later, it's been a busy week but all is good.  The storm moved further South of us and so the bulk of the flooding rains stayed away, which is good.

Hope your weekend is off to a great start!


  1. Enjoy your day and stay safe and don't get overheated. It's 90 deg. here at the moment and trying to get our yard mowed. Weed eating will be done early in the morning.
    Take care and stay Safe.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

    1. Going to be a long, hot summer. We are doing what we can to stay cool.
      Right now I'm concerned about friends who live in Iowa where a levy broke and flooded the whole area; 25 road closings in that area.

  2. I have been to a farm once in my life as a child, don't remember why we went there, it was a family outing I remember tasting fresh milk straight from the cow and mum saying it brought back memories of her childhood.

  3. Hope you got everything done at the Farm today. It was really hot and muggy.
    I got only about 2 inches of rain from the storm. I was hoping for more because it’s been dry around here. But it was enough to revive everything in the yard and garden.

  4. No rain here, just heat. It was 87 after 7:30 tonight. I hope you stayed hydrated. My mower that was coming in the afternoon, check the forecast and came about 9 am before it got too hot. It has been hot and dry all week.


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