Sunday, June 23, 2024


Sunday is here.  As this posts, we're off to an appointment (details soon) and then we'll be having leftovers from yesterday's fabulous meal.

Red wine (in moderation it's heart healthy) and crusty whole wheat baguettes (from a bakery, not homemade).  Wonderful!

I made us a couple of nice salads, spring greens, shredded iceberg for the crunch and cherry tomatoes and cucumbers with a tangy vinaigrette.

For the main course, some whole grain pasta with a ground turkey bolognese.  We spread the bread with a little heart healthy butter mixed with garlic, Aleppo pepper and fresh parsley.  Life is good!!

And speaking of life is sure is for Hobart.  He was laying in front of the refrigerator because it's nice and warm and of course we step around him and over him and the door even opens over him.

But he was not wanting to be photographed so he closed his eyes, went back to sleep and we kept stepping over and around him. Because...



  1. Hobart looks like he needs a good brushing or combing ... Whichever he allows you to do!
    That meal is totally Mediterranean and looks good enough to eat!

  2. That was a really wonderful meal! It’s great to have leftovers from such a delicious meal.
    Hobart knows what he likes and isn’t budging from it!

  3. Great looking meal.
    When it's so hot, a nice cool pasta or lettuce salad is great.
    Who likes to cooking when it's sooooooooo hot out? Not Me
    Hobart; you're such a sweetie.
    Have a great week, keep cool and stay safe.


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