Thursday, June 27, 2024


 Went to the farm and saw this:

At first, I thought it was a bush that had just grown a lot in all the rain, ha.  Turns out, a very large tree fell, landing about two feet away from the front of the truck.

It looks like a tree that had two trunks, split and one part came crashing down.  Our best guess is that it was maybe damaged in the derecho/tornadic winds we had (though it was still nice and green over a month later) and then last week, we had another line of strong storms come through.  If it was weakened, those later winds could have brought it down.

I moved the truck so it was further away... it's safe (the ones behind it are much further away, picture just looks like they are close) and now we have to dispose of this downed tree.  It can wait though, certainly not something that needs to be done in this heat.  Seems like a Fall project.  Even if we hired it out, better to have cooler weather.

Never thought about a falling tree near the truck but now we will think of that whenever we move it around.


  1. Curious as to why you don't park the truck by the two barns/sheds or, at least, between those two buildings. Or even inside the barn.

  2. Had that same thing happen to me. Parked the John Deere tractor out behind the house one night so it would be handy the next morning. Woke up to find a gigantic oak limb had fallen during the tight and completely covered the tractor. By some miracle, nothing on the tractor was damaged, but it took us two mornings (when it was cool enough to work) to get rid of the mess. The only one to make out on the whole deal was our neighbor who got the wood for his stove next winter. Upon examining where this huge branch broke off, we found a crack about 12" long in the middle of the limb, and going by the dirt and discoloration inside, it had been cracked for quite a while. It just fell on its own, no weather or wind. The tractor stays in its shed from now on. Speaking of tractors, you will probably need one when you move to the farm full time. It is amazing how many things you can use them for. Hydraulics are great for lifting and moving all sorts of things.

  3. We watched over days as a large tree fell. First, it split and fell on two cars and truck, A few days later, maybe a week later, another part of the tree fell on the house, severely damaging it. Then, the last trunk fell on another car. We were astounded that it all happened. They are further back in the subdivision, so we go often to see how things are coming along. You could tell by looking at the fallen trunks and limbs that it was damaged for a long time. Nothing looked dead, as it had green leaves, but the whole thing crumbled when it hit the ground. Amazing.

    Glad you moved it.

  4. Damn lucky it didn't hit the truck as it would have done a fair bit of damage

  5. 'Ben' sure was lucky by not being hit by fallen debris.
    If possible; Not park by any near by trees. Tree may look healthy but a large branch still has the capability of breaking off.
    You both have a wonderful weekend. Enjoy your evening
    Stay safe and stay cool

  6. That was a close call for Bill! Glad that it missed him.
    You’ll now have plenty of firewood for a fireplace or fire pit.

  7. Phytophthora ramorumis the name of a fungus like pathogen that has caused a lot of problems in the UK with branches suddenly dropping from oak trees. A quick lookup to make sure I’d got the name right gave me some information that there are problems in California too, so maybe it’s not confined to our oak species in the UK.


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