Sunday, June 2, 2024


 June is here!  JUNE?

Where does the time go?

Last weekend we mentioned we were having our traditional bbq rib dinner for the big race weekend.  Made pretty heart healthy.  Lean cut pork ribs cooked elevated from the bottom of the pan, super trimmed and cooked very long so that as much of the fat can render out.  Then homemade rub and homemade bbq sauce (all natural and one 1 tsp of salt for the whole batch) and broccoli coleslaw with no sugar, vegan mayo, and greek yogurt.  Pickled onions and whole wheat pita bread. Sparkling rosé wine and...

...fresh fruit for dessert!  With the approach of Summer, it was the quintessential Memorial Day weekend meal.

Hobart of course, was sleeping, as usual.  And we let him because...



  1. I like the look of the fruit, I prefer fruit over veggies any day

  2. Your special race-day meal looks wonderful! Very colorful and appetizing! I love your Fruit Bar dessert!
    Hobart is the King of Nap-time!

  3. Mmm, looks so good. My brother-in-law was a grill master last weekend.

  4. That looks so fancy! And delicious. Having fruit all the time is great.

  5. I know you enjoyed the meal and the race!

  6. Looks so delicious as always! I have been making my own pita bread ... So easy and no preservatives!


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