Tuesday, June 18, 2024


 Saturday was mowing day...before our weather takes a turn for the worse.  More on that in a moment.

It was a clear day but hot.  I fired up the mower, full tank of gas, my headphones and key, it was go time.  Or is that "mow time"?  Ha!

I got most of it done, but it was still a mess from last weekend and the really tall grass.

Back to normal mowing of about an hour and a half or thereabouts.  I worked on the orchard area and got it about 75% done...but then it was just so hot.

When I left at about 2:30, it was 99 with a feels like of 108.  But I'm glad I got it done because...

There is a tropical storm brewing South of us.  That may seem like a long way off and we won't have much bad weather but that's not the way these things work.

Even if it's so far South, it funnels massive amounts of moisture into the areas NE of the center.  Our only hope is that it goes in FURTHER South than projected so that we're just out of the rainfall area.

Here are our estimates (at this point).
We shall see!


  1. You need an umbrella or a custom made top for your mower. A little shade would sure help.

  2. I bought an umbrella hat, 37" that would work for you.

  3. Mowing just one of the many jobs that we need to do over and over and over again

  4. It has been so hot and dry here. We didn’t get the rains that Houston has been getting. So I’m looking forward to the rain that this tropical storm is bringing. Looks like we’ll get about 4 inches.


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