Wednesday, August 1, 2012


Valspar Perfect Finish VS Rustoleum Ultra Cover 2x
I've been doing some painting recently, some mirrors, a stand, and most recently, the dresser.  I had my choice of spray paints at the store.  I wasn't so much looking for a specific brand as I was looking for the right colors, so at the time, the brand didn't matter to me very much.

Valspar has a paint called the "Perfect Finish" and Rust-oleum has one that is called "Painters Touch Ultra Cover 2x".  The green that I liked best was the Valspar and the navy blue that I liked best was the Rustoleum.  Luck of the draw I suppose.  So I bought them both.  I have to say that there was a vast difference in the ease of use between the two.

The Valspar is supposed to have this revolutionary new top that turns and expose the spray nozzle.  It was not, as it turns out, very revolutionary.  I had drips, over spray and my fingers were covered in paint!  It was not a great experience.  The only upside I could find is that it was fast drying.

The Rustoleum on the other had was amazing.  It went on smoothly, covered nicely and completely, and never dripped once.  My finger got a bit tired on the spray button, but that's the only real negative I've found.  I might add that the only edge Valspar had over the Rustoleum was the drying time as it seemed quicker.  But in the end, I could wait a little longer for drying time in exchange for the other advantages that the Rustoleum gave.

I have never really used spray paint to paint furniture and I have to say, it was a fun and enjoyable experience.  Even the Valspar, while not my favorite, was still fun to use.  A reminder, if you have a big project, such as a large piece of furniture, be sure to buy several cans of the same color when you are at the store.  They ran out of the navy blue I needed at one store (only had 1 can) and so I had to drive to two other stores just to find two more cans.
Any other paint that I should try out?
Happy painting!


  1. I've just finished painting LR & DR with Valspar paint (regular wall paint, not spray) and it was bad. Lots of skipped areas that I had to go over again after it dried, even though I could see that brush and roller had covered everything with paint. That's never happened with other paints I've used. I was disappointed, and won't buy it again. I wonder if anyone else had trouble with it.

    1. MTVA, I used some Valspar paint for a bathroom and same thing, it seemed too 'thin', streaked spots and I could see the wall underneath. I thought it might be batch that was mixed but sounds like maybe you had the same problem I did.

    2. Well, MTVA and Melissa, I can't speak for the wall paint but from the description of both of your experiences with it, and my spray experience, maybe Valspar is not all it's cracked up to be.

  2. For the tired finger you can get a spray trigger for a buck or two and use it on any spray can. They work great and no more numb fingers.

    1. You know, i saw those. I wondered it they worked or were just a gimmick. Thanks for the heads up, I think I'll pick up a couple next time I'm at the store. Thank you!!

  3. I used to work at Lowe's and the biggest difference between Rustoleum and Valspar spray paint is that Rustoleum is oil based and Valspar is water based. Water base can be painted over oil base but oil base can not be painted over water base. Water base sticks to the top of a surface while oil base seeps into the poors of the material. If oil is unable to penetrate material, it will not dry correctly if at all.


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