Thursday, November 7, 2013


Chickens, flowers and garden, image via Pinterest and Julie Taylor
No particular reason for this photo, just like it and like what it represents.  Love the colorful chairs, the flowers, the ground, the arch, the hummingbird feeder, and especially the chickens roaming around.  Somehow, it just all works together.  Probably just getting into the mid Fall blues, and enjoying the promise of next Spring.  Not sure what the chairs are being used for, probably just decoration, but the burst of color is nice.  I guess they are garden art?

All together, very pretty and very farm like!

Hope you have a great day, will catch up on comments tonight.


  1. I know what those chairs may be used for. I take old chairs without seats, paint them/ Then, take wire and start making a saggy bottom by wrapping the wire this way and that, sometimes around itself. Then, any potted plant can be placed in the chair. The plants I use are in pots. However, you could get some of the coconut stuff (don't know the name) and plant right into it on the wire, using n or a flowering plant that spreads is best.

    I decided too pot. I did this one year for a huge local craft fair. People loved the idea. In three weeks, people had painted their own chairs and they were in yards all over town. Most people just use one, but they can be used in pairs.

    1. using a fern or a flowering plant...what should be there. By the way, you do not even bother to do a tight weave or even a weave. Wrapping around wires helps to keep the plant from slipping through. One pot was so large and the chair was just right so that the chair did not need a pot. Each chair and pot have to be tried and make it work the best way possible. These are all one of a kind fits. A chair rotting to pieces can e used for a bit longer rather than discarding it.

      I did use outside paint on all my chairs, but using any paint on hand is the best way to go, indoor or outdoor.

  2. That's really pretty. Those chickens must of JUST got into that garden though. If mine were out in my gardens, it would not look like that for long! I try as hard as I can to keep chickens out of the garden. I wish they could be out there, for bugs and all. But they scratch and scratch til it's the biggest mess ever. But that's just me and my chickens.

  3. Yes, I've seen a lot of these kind of chairs with beautiful plants or flower in them.

  4. I love the look of this type of informal garden. We plan to get chickens next year, which I'm really looking forward to. Although I probably won't be letting them full reign over my garden.


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