Sunday, November 10, 2013


Share Sugar, vintage WWII poster, image courtesy of WWII collection, US Library of Congress
This poster is pretty 'sparse' but I guess that gets the point across.  Sugar was the first item rationed in WWII.  I found after some research that the war with Japan cut off the overseas shipping from the Philippines and the cargo ships coming from Hawaii were also being diverted.  It didn't take long of the nation's sugar supply to be reduce by more than 1/3.  They wanted to prevent hoarding and a spike in prices so they rationed it.

Kind of hard to believe there was a time when sugar was that scarce, since sugar seems so ubiquitous in everything these days.

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  1. We've gone from prizing it to reading labels to avoid it. I think our country would have a collective nervous breakdown if we had to go with out. Now I'm off to frost my carrot cake...


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