Sunday, July 27, 2014


A Year From Now...vintage poster image, courtesy of NYPublic Library
Now this is an interesting vintage poster.  It dates from WWII and was put out by the General Electric Corporation.  They put the posters up around the factories that were producing products for the war effort in order to remind employees that time was valuable and to work hard.  There were several about time management and maximizing output and so this one, I would assume, was more to remind them not to regret a year from now what they didn't do today.

Of course, as with most of these posters, this one is so appropriate today, it reminds me of the motivational posters you see in businesses.  It just needs an Eagle flying, or a mountain climber, LOL.  But seriously, it does make us think...what will you wish you had done today, a year from now?

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  1. I suppose if they did not work hard today, the results might be lost wars in the year ahead.

    My mother worked in a Ford Plant in Memphis that had been converted into what she called "a war plant." She ran a machine that made ball bearings for airplanes. When a friend's machine broke down, the person would not get paid. So, all the other workers would work faster in order to give that person their ball bearings so she would get paid. She said the workers all pulled together. Would that happen today?

    She must have been about 17-years old because she left right after high school. She was 17 in March before she graduated. When she moved to Memphis, she had left Mississippi for the big time. Then, she joined the WACs.

    1. Wow, that's fascinating!! Sadly, I doubt it would happen today. Maybe I shouldn't paint with such a broad brush. There would be some but probably not as many as we'd hope.

      Good for your Mom!!


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