Saturday, July 12, 2014


Farm driveway
Still had to mow but I also edged and moved some bricks that were scattered around.  The edging is about an hour long job, non stop.  I edged around the house, the porch stairs, the garden fence, the fruit trees, and a few other areas near the house.  It always  looks so much nicer when it's all done. 

Farm side yard
As you can see, the yard is a bit on the 'less green' side.  No rain in a little over a week, and mid 90's for afternoon temps and that will happen.  But before we have to strip down and do a rain dance, there are a few rainy days in our coming forecast so that's good. 

Farm garden area
This is the garden area...the funny thing is I noticed as I mowed some grass in front, there is still some black mulch residue from when we mulched around the raised beds.  We'll have to just let nature take it's course with that.  The fence sure has aged over the last year.  I still wonder if it would look better painted white?  Those long time readers of the blog know that I have always loved a white picket fence, but I'm not sure.  It might be more work to keep it up than it's worth.  Maybe I just need some flowers and beds around the outside of the fence and then it'll be nice and colorful.

Every time I see a picture from this angle, it reminds me I need to get the sign up for the garden.  That will be a Fall project.  All in all, a good day, hot and tiring, but I love the time out there and wouldn't trade a day out there for any day of work in the office, ha.


  1. I like the fence in its natrual state, I think painting it would make it stand out and would be a lot of work each year to keep it looking nice.

  2. That expanse of lawn wouldn't be called a Yard here in the UK it's more of a Park!! I like your idea of leaving it au naturel and planting flowers in front.

  3. I need a man like you here! Experienced in loooong, edging. My husband does a grand job......when he gets to it!

  4. I admire you for doing all that edging. You're right, it's a huge job! I don't do it and my yard suffers aesthetically for it. It really does make a difference in how the yard looks, and probably helps keep the weeds from spreading where they aren't wanted.

  5. Edging takes too long, so we leave ours au naturel..and tell people it's for the wildlife!
    Jane x

  6. White picket fence? I seem to recall a few blog entries where you wanted a blue picket fence! :)

  7. You might try a natural color or clear oil stain on the fence. It would help protect the wood, unless it's treated wood. If it is, you wouldn't have to worry about that. I like the natural look and with flowers it would be awesome. I wish the boys that do my lawn maintenance were as diligent and enthusiastic as you are!!!

  8. I love the look of the natural fence. If you painted it white and then edged around it, it would be stained with green. The yard/park is looking great!

  9. Looks good. I think I'd leave painting the fence, although it'll last longer but your be forever painting it or thinking it needs another coat!

  10. You sure did a great job of edging everything - it’s a lot of work but so worth it when it’s done.
    I too have always wanted a white picket fence but as others have stated, it would be high maintenance (remember Tom Sawyer!). I love the natural look of your fence - it seems more in-tune with your rural farm.
    I agree with Galestorm about perhaps applying a clear stain to help preserve the wood. Mine is untreated and unstained and it is deteriorating in this harsh Texas weather.

    With an outside border of wild and/or garden flowers, your fence and garden area will look stunning. A suggestion: you could mix in some antique roses among your flowers. Antique roses are hardy and low maintenance, yet beautiful and very fragrant. I bought mine from the Antique Rose Emporium outside Brenham, Texas. Just be sure to leave room between the roses and the fence for future fence maintenance.

    Those mowed areas of grass look sooo inviting. It must be lovely to stroll along them in the cool of the evening (after you’ve sprayed yourself down with mosquito repellant!). You have created such a beautiful oasis of peace!

  11. 1st Man,

    I also love a white picket fence, I say follow your heart :-)

  12. White (or Blue) picket fences are pretty but like you said - look how much it's weathered in just one year. Along with all the mowing, edging, weeding etc you'd also have to re-paint the fence every year to keep it pretty. I'm casting my vote (not that you asked haha!) for Flower beds all round :D


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