Thursday, July 3, 2014


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One think we want to be able to do on the porch is decorate for different holidays.  We've always thought a farm porch somehow works well for a vintage Americana type theme.  

So for today's inspiration post, I found these images and loved the colors and decor.  So festive and fun.  Alas, we will have to decorate next year, as the porch is a work in progress now.  But that's why we save these images, to remind us what we want to do, someday!
Be inspired!
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Posting this weekend will be sporadic as we enjoy some quiet time over the long weekend.  Updates as necessary!


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  2. Gorgeous pictures! Your porch will be just as beautiful next year! You already have the rockers, railings, and your wide porch.

  3. Enjoy your long weekend & dream & plan!


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