Thursday, July 24, 2014


Flowers and fence, image courtesy of
Just some pretty color mixed with the greens and of course a great rustic split rail type fence.  I'm in a flower kind of mood lately.  Just enjoy looking for pictures of flowers in a rural type setting.  Someday they will come in handy as we begin the process of planting along fences around the property.  

I like this color palette as well, green of course and then the yellow, white and pink flowers are a nice combination.  

Be inspired!


  1. Yellow, white and pink--my color favorite palette. It says "English Garden" to me. I wonder what those flowers are.

  2. The yellow are rudbeckias, they flower for quite a long time through the autumn and the black centres stay long after the petals have fallen and I think the pink and white on the left are phlox. The white ones amongst the rudbeckias look like achillia ptarmica. very cottage garden like.


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