Thursday, July 17, 2014


Flower garden, image courtesy of
This is an interesting little random flower garden image I found online.  Can anyone identify the flowers?  I think it's kind of pretty for some reason.  Maybe it's the combination of colors and textures...and the fact that it's a small little space with lots of color and 'pizazz', ha. 

Hope you are having a great week.  It's Thursday, and rainy here and tomorrow is supposed to be even wetter than today.  

Be inspired!


Anonymous said...

the red flower on the right w/dark burgandy leaves is lobelia, can't remember variety-check google images. the red/white flowers on the left are dahlias. the big bushy plant in the front looks like an azalea.

Texas Rose said...

I love the informal profusion of color!
Could that be cosmos in the far back left? And maybe lavender in the front? And dianthus in the front left red spot?
Makes me happy just looking at them!

Becca said...

I would like to thank both of yo who've commented, I had no idea what the flowers were either and I really like this display of variety.

The Singing Gardener said...

I think the pom pom like flowers are dahlias, and the red spikey ones at the right could be salvia. Lovely picture xx

The Compostshop Wormery said...

The red with deep red stems is Lobelia cardinalis, the white flowers immediately behind are lupins and the taller ones behind them are possible sweet peas. All the pom pom like flowers are dahlias, the grey leaved plant at the front is a type of wallflower called Bowles Mauve.

Dahlias are very easy to grow from seed and there are some really great colour combinations, if your soil doesn't freeze, they will also overwinter well, would be fun to try. Not sure if bunnies eat them though!