Friday, July 18, 2014


Sydney cat sleeping in sink
This is Sydney, back when he used to sleep in one of the bathroom sinks.  It was really the only one he could get into easily and it was wide enough to accommodate his size.

After a few years, we realized he only did this in the warmer months.  We're guessing because it was cool!  Can't say as we blame him.  We often thought of just laying in the bathtub during a heatwave, ha.

More later today!


Marcia said...

I hope you never turned the water on while he was there sleeping.

Very funny picture. How many cats do you have now?

jaz@octoberfarm said...

smart kitty!

Texas Rose said...

Such a cute picture of Sydney! He was one cool cat!

I once had a cat who loved to sleep in my washing machine whenever I left the lid open. I always checked for him there before I turned on the water - except for one time. Instant cat rocket! After that episode, I taped a note to the washer to remind myself!

1st Man said...

I will admit I was 'tempted' but that would be mean and I only wanted it to be funny. Funny for me probably not for him, ha.

We have two. Three is the most we had and Sydney, the one in this picture, is the one we had to have put to sleep this past Christmas. He was almost 19 so he had a great long life (much of it spent sleeping in a sink ha).

Thanks !!

1st Man said...


1st Man said...

A cool cat, I like that!

The washing machine? Wow! Yeah I would have to put a note on there too, ha. Now Brisbane used to enjoy the dryer, of course, only when we opened it to clean the lint trap and of course the clothes were warm and soft ha.

belleau kitchen said...

so cute... I would have slept in the tub last night it was so hot!